How To Inspect Your Brakes

May 12th, 2017

Considering that it takes 40-60,000 miles for your brakes’ friction material to wear to a point where they need replacement, it can be difficult to know when they are coming to that point. It can be handy to know when your brakes are truly in need of service, so here are a couple of ways you can inspect them or at least get a reading:Brake Repair in Birmingham, AL

Brake dust is normal and will coat wheels with a fine grayish powder. If you suspect your brakes may be wearing down, clean your wheels thoroughly with a scrub brush and see how much brake dust powder is generated when you start driving again. A light coating of brake dust may mean that the friction material is worn to a point where there just isn’t much left to create dust.

If you have aluminum or alloy wheels, they probably h ...[more]

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